March 1 – May 20
Nightly: $109
Weekly: $763
Monthly: $1,750
May 21 – August 15
Nightly: $149
Weekly: $1,043
Monthly: $2,500
August 16 – September 14
Nightly: $99
Weekly: $693
Monthly: $1,450
September 15 – February 28
Nightly: $89
Weekly: $623
Monthly: $1,450

*RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.    If you would like to book a site at the Playa del Rio RV Resort, Beach & Boat Club, please go to:  www.playadelrio.com/reservations and complete our on-line Reservation Request Form.  IMPORTANT NOTICE:  PLEASE GO TO OUR AMENITIES PAGE TO SEE TEMPORARY AMENITIES NOT AVAILABLE IN 2021 DUE TO HURRICANE SALLY.  If you are just inquiring about availability, please call the reservations office during normal business hours at 850-492-0904 for information.   We require all guests, both new and returns, to complete the on-line reservation request form to assure that all reservation information is correct, to always keep our customer data base current and to make sure that all guests agree to our current policies.    Upon receipt of the form, we will call you back to complete your reservation within two working days from receipt of your reservation request, depending on when the reservation request is made and received, if we have availability for your requested dates.  If we do not have availability for your requested dates, we will send an email follow-up to you.  All reservation requests made outside of our normal business hours will always be confirmed during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm / the Office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays, but Team Rio Resort Hosts are on duty seven days a week for your convenience).  If you submit a request form and do not receive a call-back or an email from our staff within two to three business days, please contact our office by email or phone call, during normal business hours, to confirm that our office received your online reservation request form and to check on availability.  If you do not receive a call back from our Reservations Office, it usually means that your dates are not available and that we were not able to follow up with you by phone to let you know.  We do our best to respond to all reservation requests, all texts, all voicemail messages, all Facebook messages and all emails, but sometimes we are not able to follow up by phone with everyone that requests dates that are not available due to the number of reservation requests, emails, texts, messages and phone calls that come into our office each day.   It is important to read our deposit and cancellation policies before submitting your on-line reservation request form and before making your reservation.   Thank you!  …. We look forward to seeing you at the Playa del Rio soon!

*Fall and Winter Rates:   We require a 2-month minimum stay when making a reservation that includes January and February (can include December, but cannot include March).   Rent for monthly rentals is due on the day of your arrival and on the first day of each month following for multi-month reservations (rent not paid by the third day of the month will be charged an additional 10% late fee).  All reservations for monthly rentals require payment by direct deposit, check or cash (we do not accept credit card payments for monthly rentals due to the discounts applied to monthly rates — we only accept credit card payment for nightly and weekly rentals).   To book for January and February only, we require a two-month minimum reservation (can include December as one of the two months).   Due to limited availability, during the months of January and February we only rent monthly rentals; and during the month of March, we only rent weekly and monthly rentals.  Playa del Rio appreciates our winter guests and Snowbirds, as we appreciate all of our customers, guests and Playa family and friends; and we look forward to seeing you this winter season and seeing you back for years to come!   Our busy “in-season” times are March 1st through May 21st; our busiest “peak-season” times are May 21st through August 15th; and our slower “off-season” times are August 16th through February 28th (with the exception of holidays, special events, and black-out dates that may be in these months).  The biggest special event of the year for the Playa del Rio and the Perdido Key area is our very own annual PDR Music Festival and the local annual Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival on the Island.  Enjoy some of the best entertainment in the country along with some of the best weather of the year during the Annual Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival Events and Playa del Rio House Parties and Concert Series in November [our November monthly rate is $1,750, and we have very limited availability in November due to the Blue Angels Homecoming, Frank Brown Festival and Thanksgiving, so booking a year in advance is highly recommended].   Many months during the year, such as the winter months and the month of November are priced and booked as calendar months when renting for the month, no matter what your arrival or departure date is.

Deposits Additional Information & Additional Service Fees:   A non-refundable, pre-payment deposit is required at time of booking, which will guarantee all reservations.   No reservation will be made without a Deposit accompanied with an on-line Reservation Request Form.  All deposits are non-refundable.  Playa del Rio RV Resort “Off-Season” rentals are from August 16th thru February 28th; our “In-Season” rentals are from March 1st thru May 21st; and our “Peak Season” rentals are from May 21st to August 15th.   For one, two, three and four night stays during the “off-season”, the deposit is payment in full (rent plus tax); for 5-7 night and weekly stays during the “off-season”, the deposit is $300 / week; and for monthly stays during the “off-season”, the deposit is $500 /month of the reservation (unless there are black-out dates in the month which may increase the deposit amount).  For one, two, three and four night “in-season” stays, the deposit is payment in full (rent plus tax); for 5-7 night and weekly stays during the “in-season”, the deposit is $300 / week; and for monthly stays during the “in-season”, the deposit is $750 / month.   For one, two, three and four night stays during the “Peak Season”, the deposit is payment in full (rent plus tax); for 5-7 night and weekly stays during the “Peak Season”, the deposit is $500 / week; and for monthly stays during the “Peak Season”, the deposit is $1,000 / month.  Whenever there are black-out dates in a month, this can increase the deposit amount due.   Anytime a deposit is made for one week plus one additional night, the deposit will be the applicable weekly deposit plus an additional $100 (during the peak season, anything booked over a week will require an addition weekly deposit of $300 instead of $100).   All deposits are applied first to cancellation dates, then to rent.   All deposits paid toward monthly rentals for two or more months will be applied to the last month and deducted from the last month of any multi-month rental (exclusive of deposits paid toward leases as noted below).   Whenever there is a cancellation for a monthly or multi-month reservations, the entire deposit will be forfeited to offset our rent losses.  In the event a multi-month reservation is partially cancelled, the entire deposit will be applied to the cancelled dates first based on the nightly rate, then toward the portion of the reservation not cancelled if any deposit remains available.  Whenever a reservation is extended by a guest after the original reservation has been made and the reservation deposit has been paid, when an additional deposit is required to guarantee the reservation, the credit card on file used for the original reservation deposit will be charged the applicable additional deposit charge on the date of the reservation change, automatically.  For Holidays and Special Events when minimum stay requirements apply (these dates are known as Black-Out Dates), the deposit will be the greater of whatever the minimum stay requirement is for the black-out dates being reserved (exclusive of taxes that will be paid at check-in) plus any normal deposit as applicable to the reservation if the reservation is for more days than the black-out dates.  Three and four night reservations during black-out dates will always be charged in full as your non-refundable prepayment deposit, the same as all other deposits.  Check-in is between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and check out is no later than 11:00 am.   Late check-out and early check-in is offered for an extra $25 fee (plus tax), as a courtesy and based on availability, to allow you to stay longer and enjoy your time in paradise (arrive as early as 9:00 am / depart as late as 6:00 pm).  During Peak Season we do not offer late check-out nor early check-in.   All special check-in and check-out times must be approved and booked with the office in advance.   Anytime a reservation is booked and guests have not arrived by 8:00 pm, the guest will not be allowed to come in that day, and will still be charged for that night since the site was reserved for that night (no  RVs are allowed to enter the resort after 8:00 pm under any circumstances, so please plan your travels to assure arrival between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm).    Refer to our policies page for information on cancellations, no shows and all related charges.   Playa del Rio has a no-refund policy, and all deposits are non-refundable pre-payments.   We do not give refunds for cancellations, no shows, last-minute reservation changes, or early departures (including early departures caused by eviction due to violation of Resort Policies).    In-resort credits are issued pursuant to our cancellation policies for those who qualify (see cancellation policies for further information).  We do not issue resort credits for any deposits paid toward monthly and multi-month reservation cancellations or cancellations for black-out dates.  We welcome guests and families, and our sites are rented for two (2) adults and three (3) children under the age of seventeen (17) years of age.   All additional adults and children will require an additional $5 / person / night charge (there is no charge for children under the age of one (1) year old).  Note that we guarantee RV sites at time of reservation, but we do not guarantee any specific site numbers, though we will always do our best to accommodate special requests and needs of all guests.  If a reservation is booked as a premium and changed by the guest for reasons out of the control of the resort (such as trading in an RV to a size that cannot be parked on a booked premium site) causing the guest to be moved to a different site, the premium charge will still be due by the guest.

Black out Dates:  Blackout dates are special events, holidays, and dates when our nightly rates are priced at  special rates and our deposits are different than normal off-season, peak-season and in-season deposits.   Blackout dates are dates that may be excluded from weekly and monthly rates (if you rent a monthly stay during a time when there is a black out date included, the blackout dates may be added to the monthly cost, additional costs may be added to your monthly costs, or your monthly dates may be extended by the number of blackout days with blackout charges additional – see office for details).  During the peak-season, the difference in a nightly rate and a blackout rate may be added to the monthly rental total for all blackout dates that fall within a monthly summer rental.   The most common Playa del Rio blackout dates include, but are not limited to the following dates:   Memorial Day Weekend (3-night minimum at $199 / night  — minimum Deposit is $597), Mullet Toss Weekend (3-night minimum at $199 / night — minimum Deposit is $597), Fourth of July Weekend (4-night minimum at $199 /night — minimum Deposit is $796), Flora-Bama, Playa del Rio & Wharf Concert Series dates (2-night minimum at $89 to $199 / night, depending on performing artists, venue, season and event — Deposit and Rates to be announced), Mother’s Day Weekend (2-night minimum at $129 / night– Deposit is $258), Easter Weekend (2-night minimum at $129 / night — Deposit is $258), Gumbo Key Weekend (2-night minimum at $179 / night — Deposit is $258), Labor Day Weekend (3-night minimum at $129 / night — minimum Deposit is $387), Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival Weekend (3-night minimum at $99 / night — Deposit is $297), Gulf Shores Hangout Music Festival Weekend (2-night minimum at $99 / night — Deposit is $198), Hangout Oyster Cookoff Weekend (2-night minimum at $99 / night — Deposit $198),  Summer Blue Angels Weekend (2-night minimum at $199 / night — Deposit is $398), Thanksgiving (3-night minimum at $99 / night — Deposit is $297), Christmas (3-night minimum at $99 / night — Deposit is $297), New Years Eve (3-night minimum at $119 / night — Deposit is $357), Perdido Key Music Festival (3-night minimum at $199 / night — Deposit is $597 (includes 2 general admission event passes for the festival), Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival week nights (3-night minimum at $99 / night for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights — Deposit is $297), and Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival weekend nights (first and second weekend of the festival — each weekend will include special House parties and one weekend will include the annual Playa del Rio Blues, Brews & BBQ House Party (3-night minimum at $149 / night — minimum Deposit is $447).   Other non-listed blackout dates and minimum stay requirements may apply to other special events, holidays and dates.  We require weekend reservations that include a Friday or Saturday night to be a 2-night stay, unless we have an opening between other reservations that may allow a 1-night stay (discuss with rental office).  Weekly rates cannot include black-out dates; while monthly rates sometimes may include one (1) black-out date at no additional charge depending on the black-out dates (this will always be discussed at time of reservation; and in some cases black-out dates within a month can cause the monthly rate to be higher than posted monthly rates).  The monthly rate for a standard site during November is $1,750 and includes Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival, Blue Angels Homecoming weekend, Thanksgiving black out dates as well as all PDR Music Events at no additional charges.  ALL RATES AND BLACK OUT RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  RATES ARE BASED ON STANDARD SITES –ADDITIONAL FEES  MAY APPLY FOR PREMIUM SITES.

Boat Slip Rentals:  Boat Slips are available for rent at $35 / night for boats to registered guests of the resort and must be booked for the same number of nights as your RV site reservation.  Only one boat is allowed in a boat slip while two wave runners are allow in a boat slip when renting a slip for wave runners and not boats.   Our weekly boat slip rental is discounted at $200, and our monthly boat slip rental is discounted at $400 / month when you have an RV site rented.  For annual leases, we offer boat slips discounted at only $400 / month when you have an RV site rented on an annual lease.  All boat slip rentals are paid in full at time of booking, unless on an annual lease agreement.   No utilities are available for boat slips, so make sure before you book a boat slip that you can dock without the need for any utilities; and make sure that you have a location for cleaning, repairing and storing your boat and boat trailer since that is not allowed on our docks or on resort property.   We do not have a boat launch, but there are many local boat launches in the near-by Orange Beach and Perdido Key area for your convenience.   We do not have boat trailer storage space at the resort; and we do not allow boat trailers, boats on trailers, or wave runners on trailers in the RV park during your stay without special approval (sometimes we will allow trailers to be parked on your RV Site when pre-approved at the time of reservation in place of a vehicle) — see office for details.   At any time the marina is in need of repairs or maintenance, anyone renting a boat slip may have their boat moved to a different slip or may not have access to any slips.  In any such event, the monthly rental fee being charged for the boat slip will be deducted from the monthly rent until the a suitable boat slip is available (no RV site rental can be conditional on also renting a boat slip in the event the marina has to be temporary closed in part or in whole).  For your convenience, boat, trailer, and RV storage is available approximately ten (10) miles from the resort at U-Store-It 180 on Canal Road in Orange Beach, Alabama, which is within approximately five (5) miles of two Orange Beach public launches that are located near the resort.   Also, please note that ‘A minimum of 90% of the wet slips at the Playa del Rio docking facility are available for rent to the general public on a “First Come, First Served” basis’ — see office for details on monthly boat slip rental to non-guests.  Boat slip rentals to people who are not guests in residence with an RV will required park their vehicles off-site.  Sales tax of 7.5% is added to all boat slip rental charges.  All boat rental reservation charges require non-refundable pre-payment deposits the same as RV site rentals at time of booking the reservation.  Anyone renting a boat slip in our marina will be allowed to use our fish cleaning station; but they will be required to dispose of all fish parts away from our property (throwing fish parts in the water off our docks or disposing in resort trash receptacles  or the dumpster is not allowed and is grounds for immediate termination / eviction from the resort without any refunds).

Long-term Leases:   Leave your RV at the Playa del Rio and enjoy paradise year-around!  We offer annual leases for $1,000 to $1,500 per monthly rent (price is based on site) plus the cost of your monthly power bill (all other utilities are included in the monthly rental price).  For an additional $200 / month (this special price is only for those with a lease and based on availability) you can add a boat slip rental to your lease (wet slip only without a lift and without any utilities).  The deposit for a 12-month or 24-month lease is $2,500 for an RV site plus and an additional $1,000 for a boat slip.   Deposits do not apply to any monthly rental payments — all deposits will be held until the lease has ended, and returned within sixty (60) days following the expiration date of the lease based on satisfactory delivery of RV site back to Playa del Rio, all rent, charges and fees dues (such as late fees and NSF check fees) having been paid in full, and full payment of all power bills and of the final power bill having been paid.   Note that we do not re-sell any power service, and we only provide a copy of the billing as billed by Gulf Power to be paid by the renter.  The only exception is the first and last month’s power bill which will be pro-rated based on the meter reading on date of arrival or departure with the power bill provided by Gulf Power for those billing cycles.   The deposit is due at the time your reservation is confirmed with payment of the deposit, and the first monthly rental payment will be due upon the day of your arrival.  All following rental payments will be due on the first day of each month.  All renters will be required to put the power service with Gulf Power in their names upon payment of the deposit.   All payments for rent are due within three (3) days of their applicable date to avoid a ten percent (10%) late fee on the fourth (4th) day (late fees will be charged on all rent payments not paid within three (3) calendar days of their due date).  We also offer 6-month leases billed at the then-current monthly rates.   The deposit for all 6-month (plus one day) leases is the monthly deposit for the applicable months as with all transient rentals, and the rates will be charged at the then-current monthly rates of the lease period.  Premium upgrade charges are available for nightly and weekly rentals are at $10 / night.  The deposit will be held until the last month for all 6-month leases.  There are no sales or lodging taxes charged on 6-month and 12-month long-term leases.  All deposits are held until the end of the term for six (6) and twelve (12) month leases, and are not applied to rental payments unless during the off-season of a six (6) month lease when the final month rental fees will be reduced by the amount of the deposit paid.  Late fees on past due rents, late fees on past due power bills, service charges, fees, and other applicable charges are charged at Ten Percent (10%), and is the same on six-month leases as are charged on twelve-month leases.   Any late fees, service charges or other fees not paid by the renter during the lease when applicable and due will always be deducted from the deposit at the end of all leases.  In the event a lease is terminated early, any pre-paid rent and the full deposit paid is automatically forfeited as liquidated damages.  All long-term renters are subject to being relocated to a different RV site in the event of maintenance issues out of our control and/or property improvements.   All renewals are subject to a monthly rental rate increase at the discretion of the rental management office (discuss with rental office 90 days prior to the expiration date of your lease).    A lease is considered binding and valid on the date the deposit has been paid by the renter to the Playa del Rio; and all terms and conditions posted on this website shall be enforceable from that date forth.  It is the responsibility of the renter to sign a lease agreement at the Playa del Rio rental management office no later than the arrival date specified on the on-line reservation request form required for all reservations; and if the renter does not sign the lease agreement, the lease agreement is automatically considered accepted, binding and in force on the day of arrival and the renter is subject to all terms and conditions outlined on the Playa del Rio website as it has been digitally signed upon submission of the online reservation request form.  All lease renewals are the responsibility of the renter and in the event a lease is not renewed at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the expiration date of the lease, rents will start being charged at the then-current rate on a month-to-month basis until the lease is renewed at the option of the management office.  The Playa del Rio has no obligation to renew any lease past its original reservation period or expiration date.   In the event a renter vacates the property or is evicted following the expiration of a lease while on a month-to-month basis, the last month will be calculated on a daily rate thru the date the site has been cleared and turned back over to the resort rental management office in the same condition it was rented. 

Additional Rate Information:

  • Playa del Rio rental payments for transient rentals (all renters not on leases) include a $10 per night resort fee (the resort fee for annual leases is $100 per month) that allows all named occupying guests with a reservation the privilege of using the beach access walkover across the street from our entrance and the waterfront riverside pavilion (where the hammock island, grilling area, fish cleaning station, Rio kitchen, Rio Riverside Patio, the riverside kayak and paddle board launch, and PDR marina and boat docks are all located).   Common areas and amenities are for the enjoyment of all PDR condo owners, renters and guests, and we welcome you to enjoy all the special things we have to offer.   However, it is very important to understand that the privilege to enjoy these resort amenities and common areas is at the sole discretion of the owner of the DRA properties (the owners of all amenities and common areas) based on all owners, renters and guests following all resort rules, policies, guidelines, procedures, signs and directions.  Ownership of the DRA properties and Management of the Resort Rental Program have the right at any time at their sole discretion to revoke any and all privileges without any refund for any portion of the cost of the reservation rental, and further has the right at any time to revoke the same privileges to condo owners, their renters and their guests.  The PDR is a happy place and all resort amenities and common areas are for the enjoyment of all owners, renters and guests, and no one is going to be allowed to interfere with other people’s peaceful, quiet enjoyment and use.  In the event the resort amenities or common areas are not available due to special events or acts of Mother Nature, unfavorable weather, maintenance, repairs, or other reasons out of the control of the owners, there will be no adjustments made to rental charges unless all such resort amenities are unavailable (with the exception of adjustments made for boat slip rentals when slips are not available).
  • Special Playa Del Rio VIP Reward Member Benefits, other special rates, and extended discounted rates may apply to our loyal snowbirds and return customers (discuss with reservations office at time of booking).
  • We are proud to offer special discounts to (both active and retired) Military, Law Enforcement, and Firemen; and we honor Family Motor Coach Association Members and Good Sam’s Club Members with a special discount [our discounts are 10% off nightly rates for Sunday through Thursday nights only during our off-season from August 15 thru February 28].  We also accept Passport America for a 50% discount on your first night stay on nightly week-day stays during our off-season from August 15 thru February 28 (certain restrictions apply and there is a 2-night minimum stay requirement when using Passport America).   Current Club membership card and/or applicable ID card is required at check-in to receive any discounts, and the applicable club or ID card information must be provided at time of booking to match the information provided at time of check-in.  Only one discount or special offer can be applied to a reservation.    Discount offers only apply to the base nightly rental rate — we do not discount charges for premium upgrades, additional people or other services offered.   Other restrictions may apply, and discount offerings are always based on availability and are limited offerings as we are a small resort.   Discounts are not offered during special events, black out dates, holidays, weekends, or during our peak and in-season months [during March 1st through August 15th discounts are not available].   In the event a customer is required to be put on a premium site at the time of the booking, the resort has the option to allow a discount or to make a complimentary premium upgrade at no charge, based on availability and dates.
  • The Playa del Rio has a few Premium Sites available.  Sites #12 – #16 are premium for their views and are available for $10.00 per night additional cost.   Premium charges apply only to nightly and weekly rates (we charge only $100 extra for a premium site on the monthly rate.  Our premium sites are worth the little extra charge for the views.
  • All reservations are allowed two vehicles maximum and you will be placed on sites based on what information you have listed on the on-line reservation request form (except for lots #15, #16 and #26, which are allowed one vehicle).  Whenever a reservation only includes one vehicle, no additional vehicles will be allowed since all reservations are booked based on the information provided to us at the time of booking.   In the event a guest requests additional parking after the reservation has been booked and confirmed, the additional parking may require off-site parking.
  • On our bay side waterfront pavilion at the Playa del Rio Marina, we have a riverside sun deck that is perfect for putting kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and other water sports equipment into the bay side water.    There is no charge for these type of amenities, as there is no additional charge for the use of any of the resort amenities!   Playa del Rio is happy to rent you beach chairs and umbrellas, paddle boards and kayaks during at the resort, with advance reservations based on availability.  Additionally, the Playa del Rio pontoon boat is available for rent to allow you to walk straight from your RV to the boat without having to fight traffic, parking and loading.
  • All RV Site rates, boat slip rates, and other charges are subject to change without notice.   Posted Rates do not include 12.5% tax on RV site rentals and 7.5% on boat slip rentals.
  • Playa del Rio offers special discounts and getaway offers during slow times of the year, and those offers are always announced on our Facebook Fan page or in a special email to those who are on our mailing list.  Anytime a special offer is made, it is important to contact the reservations office to inquire about the availability and the details, rules and restrictions associated with a special offer.   All offers involving FREE nights will always come with our basic restrictions that will need to be discussed with reservations at the time of your booking.
  • Site Rental includes:   Water, Sewer, Trash, and 30 or 50 amp electric service.   Additionally, we have courtesy COX Cable at sites, and courtesy COX WIFI throughout the park and at our Rio Riverside Pavilion (around The Rio Riverside Patio at the Reservations Office).
  • The Playa del Rio RV Resort is not an A-class restricted RV Park.  We welcomes Motor Homes up to 42′, Travel Trailers up to 38′ (from bumper to hitch), and Fifth Wheels up to 42′ (some restrictions may apply for large 5th wheels and large towing vehicles — discuss with reservations office at time of booking).   Truck campers are allowed if they are fully self-contained (whenever submitting an online reservation request form for a truck camper, please note in the special request box of the form).  We do not allow pop-up campers or tents due to our licenses and Florida RV Park regulations.
  • The site map on the website is the site map of the resort after we complete our planned resort construction.  All sites include concrete RV pads, paver patios, paver parking spaces and landscaping areas.  Also, there are premium sites (sites #12 – #16) – inquire with office for more specific details on each site.
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