Policies & Procedures and Rules & Guidelines

Playa del Rio RV Resort, Beach & Boat Club is …. just a little laid back RV Park at the beach!  We are all about having a good time and forgetting about life, if only for a short period of time.   The Playa del Rio does not have many rules; but we do have to provide you with all the resort’s important information and post all of that legal stuff for you (to satisfy the legal guys!)!  ….

Playa del Rio is a Relaxation Retreat!  People come to the Playa del Rio and love the Playa del Rio because of the good people, the water, the beach, the good times and the relaxation in paradise.   If you are not coming to relax and have fun, then you may not want to come.    We are …. just a little laid back RV Park at the beach … so always remember — BE NICE OR GO HOME!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Check the Amenities Page for special temporary amenities not available in 2021 and 2022 due to Hurricane Sally damages that will be under construction during 2021 and 2022.  Note that we no longer offer a bathhouse, but we do have our laundry room available for your convenience.  

COVID NOTICE:  Our resort is always concerned about the health and well-being of our Playa family, friends, guests and customers.  If you have been tested positive for COVID, you are not allowed to come to the PDR until you are well and in good health.  If you are a resident or already in residence at the PDR and become ill and test positive, you will be required to follow standard self-quarantine guidelines and you are not allowed to access any of the common areas of the property until you are well and have re-tested negative.  Following this rule is most important in the best interest of all people around you.  Not following this safety rule is grounds for early eviction with no refund of pre-paid rents or deposits.  Thank you for your understanding and thank you for helping us make the Playa del Rio a safe place for everyone!

Check-In Notice

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED to enter Playa del Rio with an RV.  On the date of your travels to the resort, please call the office in the morning to confirm your estimated time of arrival has not changed from your reservation plans.  All arrivals MUST stop in the driveway in front of the first building near the entrance (the bath house) and call the office to let Team Rio know that you have arrived.  A staff member will come out to greet you, take you to your site and help you get backed into your site.  All RVs MUST go through our circle turn-around at the end of the resort’s driveway either at the time of your arrival (when parked on the East side of the driveway) or at the time of departure (when parked on the West side of the driveway).  RVs are not allowed to drive over or park on brick paver parking and patio areas – no exceptions.  Our staff will assist your through the turn around and to your site for a smooth and easy transition.   Check-in is at 1:00 pm and no later than 8:00 pm.  Check-out is no later than 11:00am.  So that you can enjoy paradise as long as possible, for an additional fee of $25, we do offer early check-in (as early as 9:00 am) and late check-out (as late at 6:oo pm), based on availability.   All early check-in and late check-out arrangements must be made in advance with the rental management office as it is based on availability.   RVs are not allowed to enter the resort between 8:00 pm and 9:00 am as a courtesy to all other resort guests and for the safety of all resort guests.  All RVs must be in the park before 8:00 pm (once RVs have been parked, guests are allowed to enter and exit the park in their vehicles, but not in RVs, 24-hours daily).  Following parking and set-up, all guests are required to immediately check-in at the office.  NO RIGS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER OR EXIT THE RESORT BETWEEN 8:00 PM and 9:00 AM unless they are departing at the end of their reservation and they have made arrangements with the rental office and/or the resort hosts on duty (only checked-in registered guests with RVs in the resort, and their families and guests, are allowed to enter and exit the park during after hours in personal vehicles).   If for any reason an RV needs to depart after hours in the middle of night / morning, all guests are required to coordinate your departure plans with the office since RVs are not allowed to travel through the park at night after 8:00 pm.  This is for the safety of all guests and to assure that all RVers understand the system for traveling through our turnaround circle to assure a smooth exit without any issues.    If you are driving a motor home without a car and plan to use your RV as transportation, we cannot accommodate the reservation unless you plan to use local taxi services or unless you have a Class B van (any vans being used as primary transportation must be approved by office and all re-entry into the resort must be handled like a new arrival).   Uber, Lyft and other local taxi services are available for your convenience.  In the event that you arrive and have a problem with your RV site or if you have any other problem that needs to be addressed with our office, please go to the office and discuss with the office prior to or immediately following the time of backing into your RV Site before hooking up such to assure that any problems regarding your reservation, your site or other issues are addressed immediately at check-in upon your arrival before you hook up. 

Rates, Cancellation, Changes, Payment, Specials

For your convenience, we only charge a non-refundable reservation fee to guarantee your booking.  Deposits are no longer required for reservations.   See Rates Section of this website for the reservation fee.   Special Discounted Rates may apply for Snowbirds, Playa Del Rio VIP Rewards members, off-season rentals and multi-month renters (discuss this with the reservations office at time of reservation).  Rates are seasonally adjusted and are subject to change without notice.  Our rates are always posted on our website and as required by FL law are posted in the rental management office on-site.  We always honor rates at time of booking, even if rates are increased between your reservation confirmation and your arrival dates.  RV Site Rental Rates range from $89 / night to $199 /night depending on season, special events, holidays and type of site booking (exclusive of additional charges for extra people, premium site upgrades, credit card fees, and other special requests), and at no time shall our standard base RV site rental rates exceed $300 / night during this calendar year,  (exclusive of additional charges for extra people, premium site upgrades and other special requests), without at least 30-day notice posted.  Additional fees for early check-in, late check-out, late night arrival, additional guests, and Premium Site upgrades (resort additional services) range from $5 to $50, and are sometimes complimentary as part of the Playa del Rio VIP Rewards program or as an option to any discount card programs.   Special Promotions sometimes allow for FREE nights or discounted nights.  All specials advertised are for new reservations only, and anytime FREE nights are offered, the FREE night is based on base rent and does not include charges for premium site upgrade, extra people, and other special fees (meaning that when a night is free, it is based on a standard non-premium site with 2 adults and 3 children — all other charges will be added to the costs of the total reservation).  Posted RV Site Rental Rates and additional service fees do not include 12.5% tax that will be charged at time of check-in; and posted Boat Slip Rental Rates and additional services fees do not include 7.5% tax that will be charged at time of check-in.  Marina charges and RV site resort charges will always be ran as separate transactions.   We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Cash; and business and personal checks are not accepted unless pre-approved at time of reservation by management prior to arrival (cash and checks are required for long-term lease rental payments and for multi-month rentals).   All credit card charges are subject to a 3% convenience fee service charge.  If it is necessary to cancel all or part of your reservation, cancellation is your option; but no refund for your reservation fee will be issued under any circumstances as it becomes your cancellation fee with no other charges due by you, other than a mandatory evacuation of the island of Perdido Key, Florida and a resort site maintenance issue.   All cancellations must be done by email attached to the reservation confirmation email.  We do not accept cancellation messages by voicemail, text, private message, Facebook or any other way; and a cancellation is not considered official until an email acknowledgement or cancellation confirmation email has been sent from our reservation office.  The only two types of cancellation for which we allow special consideration is a mandatory evacuation of the island that would prohibit you from being able to come onto Perdido Key and/or stay at the Playa del Rio, and a situation when there is a maintenance issue that would not make your reserved site available.  These rarely happen, but we do understand that they can happen.  We cannot be held responsible nor shall we be liable for any acts of mother nature, unfavorable weather conditions, or any other acts of God that are out of our control.   We do not like to see reservation fees forfeited because we know that once you come to the Playa del Rio one time you will return again and again, and most of the time you will return with family and friends for years to come.  However, we are a very small RV Resort with only 12 rental RV Sites, so we are strict on our cancellation policies due to the business revenue losses caused by cancellations, no shows and/or caused by last-minute travel changes.   In the event that a customer decides to cancel a reservation and disputes the charges for the required prepayment deposit with their credit card company, without following our cancellation process properly, that customer will be responsible for paying a $50 chargeback fee on their next reservation and additionally will be required to make payment in full, in advance with certified bank check or money order, for all future reservations.   Please follow our cancellation policies to avoid any forfeited deposits or additional charges.    A reservation change is changing your arrival and/or departure dates, without reducing the number of nights of a reservation.  Whenever a change involves cancelling nights from the reservation, all cancelled nights will be considered a partial cancellation, and all cancellation policies will apply.   In the event the partial cancellation is made within ten (10) days of your arrival date, the cancellation fee will be applied to the cancelled nights, not the newly modified reservation.   A “Same Day” cancellation is a cancellation made on the scheduled date of arrival when it is too late for our reservations office to rent a reserved RV Site.   A “No-Show” is considered to be a renter that does not show up at 9:00 am on the day following the check-in / arrival date on the reservation, and does not notify the rental management office and the host on duty the day of their scheduled arrival.  In the event of a No-Show, your site will not be held past the first night stay (unless you have prepaid for a 1, 2, 3 or 4 night stay), and your deposit will be forfeited in the event that management chooses to put the RV site back into the rental program and make it available (for those no shows that were not prepaid in full).  A No Show is treated as a cancellation, and at the option of management depending on how full the resort is, can therefore be charged for all charges on the reservation in full, as damages for lost rent.   In the event a No-Show guests arrives in the park the day following their arrival date on the date their site has been forfeited, if the site is still available, the guest will be allowed to check-in and will be charged the first night of the reservation and the entire remainder of the reservation.  If a guest is scheduled to arrive on a scheduled arrival date and makes changes, it is important to email the reservation office to advise of a change in their arrival plans.  We do not give refunds for no-shows, late arrivals, early departure, or cancellations.   We do not pro-rate monthly rentals since they are already generously discounted in price from our nightly rate.  Any changes in the dates of a reservation will be based on availability and cannot be guaranteed; and in many cases may require you to be moved to a different site number and sometime may require you to give up premium sites originally booked or change your reservation dates.   Some special events (such as Mullet Toss, Shrimp Festival, Blue Angels Air Shows, Hangout Festival, Flora-Bama Concerts, Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival, Gumbo Key, and other music, arts and crafts, and other outdoor festivals) and holiday weekends (such as Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve) are considered black-out dates and may require a two (2) to four (4) night minimum stay.  All March 1st through August 15th weekend reservations require a two (2) night minimum stay.   If a reservation that includes black-out dates, special events and holiday dates is modified, any non-refundable reservation fee paid will first apply to the black-out minimum requirements, then any balance will apply to the remainder of the reservation.  W We do not give refunds of any kind for cancellations, no shows or early departures (including early departures caused by breach of Resort Policies).   It is the guest’s responsibility to provide our reservation office with correct information regarding RV, vehicles, guests and pets; and it is the guest’s responsibility to provide the correct information on the on-line reservation request form as well as confirm the correct information at time of booking.  In the event information is not correct or does not comply with our resort policies, Playa del Rio reserves the right to refuse any reservation request and to cancel any reservation made.  In the event a cancellation is made by our office due to a customer reservation information begin a problem, a deposit refund may be issued by our office to the credit card on file used to make the pre-payment deposit; unless such bad information becomes problematic at time of check-in (such as the RV size being different than the size on the on-line reservation request form), at which time any credits or adjustments will be at the sole discretion of our reservations office since a last minute or same day cancellation caused by the customer would be the same as a cancellation made by the customer.  Playa del Rio Reserves the right to refuse any customer from entering the resort property, with or without a reservation, when reservation information changes or when RV and vehicle information is not the same as that on the reservation data.  This is very important because Playa del Rio does not allow Travel Trailers larger than 36′, has other restrictions on large 5th wheels and other vehicles, and has limited sites available for larger RVs up to 42′ (limited number of big rig sites).  Additionally, correct information is important due to the small size of the resort and the circle turn-around that all guests must go through either upon arrival or departure.   We allow advance reservations up to two (2) years in advance.  Prices are based on two (2) adults and up to three (3) children [children under the age of seventeen (17) years old].   The primary registered guest of an RV site rental shall be at least eighteen (18) years or older.  Additional guests are welcome for an additional $5 per night per guests (for additional adults, children and other guests).  There is no charge for additional children under the age of two (2) years old.   The maximum number of people allowed on a site is eight (8) people total.  While we always try to honor your special requests for site location on the resort property and will try to book you in or near requested sites when available, we cannot guarantee a specific RV site number at time of reservation.  If you book a premium site at time of reservation, we will guaranty a premium site, but cannot guarantee any specific site number.  We do not assign site numbers to guests until the day of their arrival unless a premium site or special requested site is reserved since we sometimes have to relocate guests to accommodate guest needs and larger RVs.   Always remember that you cannot park yourself in our resort without the assistance of Team Rio staff, even if you are aware of the site number you are going on.   Your non-refundable pre-payment deposit will guarantee your reservation, but it will not guarantee a specific site number.   If your reservation information changes (such as you bringing a different vehicle or different type or size RV than was on the original reservation), we cannot guarantee you will have an RV site upon arrival unless those changes were discussed with and confirmed in advance with our office prior to the day of your arrival.  Also, any changes to your reservations could also change your site number, even if your original reservation was for a premium site or a special request.  Reservation changes cannot be made at time of check-in unless you wish to extend your reservation with additional nights.  Upon arrival, whatever reservation dates were booked will be charged in full as booked upon check-in or to the credit card used for deposit on file in the event of a no show, no exceptions.  No changes that involve reducing the number of nights can be made at check-in since the RV Park will lose money from the reservation being booked and the office not being able to rent the site on such short-notice (changes reducing the number of nights made at time of check in or less than ten (10) days from date of arrival are considered the same as cancellations).   Additionally, any changes made to reservations that were booked at old pricing that changes the reservation can also change the rates and pricing for the reservation at time of check-in.  All reservations are made based on information provided by you to our office at the time of reservation, and our office cannot be responsible for your errors or omission that effect whether or not your RV site will be suitable with changes that we were not aware of in advance (showing up with extra cars, different or over-sized vehicles, different size RV, car hauling dollies or trailers, etc.).   This is why all guests are required to complete our on-line reservation request form for all bookings.  All site rental payments are due in advance on the date of your arrival at time of check-in within one (1) hour from the time of your arrival.  In the event of after-hours check-in, payment is due by 11:00 am the following day of your arrival.   If a guest has arrived and parked their RV in the resort but not checked in by 11:00 am the following morning, the credit card on file may be charged all charges of the reservation (including RV site rent, Boat Slip site rent if applicable, late check-in fee if applicable, any other resort services on the reservation, and all applicable state and county taxes) without notice, at our option.   In the event a guest does not check in at the office and sign in at the front desk making payment for the balance due by 11:00 am on the morning following their arrival date (so that your credit card can be swiped in person when using a credit or debit card), we reserve the right to charge an additional service charge in the amount of three percent (3%) of the booking total amount balance due at check in — to avoid this additional service charge, simply make sure you check in at the office upon your arrival or first thing in the morning following any arrivals after our normal office hours.   All monthly renters are responsible for paying for their first month’s rent on the day of arrival, and the same day of each following month for each additional month.  Any rent not paid on the due date following the first month as agreed will be charged a ten percent (10%) late fee when paid.   Any monthly rentals not paid on the due date will be charged to the credit card on file with all applicable late fees and service charges added.  Camping is an outdoor experience, so no refunds nor in-resort credits will be given for unfavorable weather or acts of Mother Nature.  In the event of a mandatory evacuation, the reservation fee will be credited toward your next stay as an ‘in-resort credit” and must be used within one (1) year following the reservation arrival date.   You agree to be financially responsible for any and all damage you, your guests, your RV, your vehicle, your boat, your trailers, etc. cause to all areas of the park, to your RV site, and to others, including but not limited to: the landscaping, walls, hardscapes, utilities pedestals, lighting poles, fencing, common amenity areas, park areas, furniture, utility connections, driveway, paver parking and patio areas, fencing, concrete pads, the beach boardwalk, and all areas past the DOT ROW (any damages to county, state, federal or surrounding neighboring property around the Playa Del Rio will be between you and such entities, exclusive of Playa del Rio).   Please use pads between your jacks and the RV concrete parking space.  All damages caused by you and your guests will be charged to your credit card on file with a bill for repairs and/or replacement emailed to the email address provided by you upon registration.  We hold credit cards on file used for reservation deposits until the guest has checked out, all charges have been paid in full, and the RV site is left with no damage or charges due.

Check-In, Site Appearance, Guests, Parking, Grills

All guests must check-in at the office upon arrival immediately following hook-up, unless after hours.  If after hours (meaning if you arrive after the office has closed), all guests much check-in at 10:00 am the following day of their arrival — no exceptions.  All guests who have made their reservation over the phone will be required to sign-in and register at the from desk upon check-in.  All guests who have made their reservations on-line are required at the time the reservation request is sent into the reservation system to sign electronically that they acknowledge and agree to all rules, guidelines, policies and procedures of the Playa Del Rio, but must still check in at the office to pick up their guest information package and officially check-in.  Electronic signatures will also be kept on file as being the guests sign-in registration for compliance with Florida Statute 513.112.   A complete copy of the rules, guidelines, policies and procedures, as well as a copy of Florida Statute 513 is available in the rental management office for review upon request and on our website at all times.  Also, all guests of registered occupants must check-in at the office upon their arrival and introduce themselves and who they are visiting so that we know who is in the park and what additional vehicle may be in the park (if the parking space is available and approved).  You are responsible for your guests.  To insure smooth and quick check-in, please pull into the resort and stop in the driveway just past the first building on the left of the drive (the Bath house), remaining on your side of the driveway and leaving room for vehicles to travel normal.  At which time, your are required to call the office to notify our Resort Hosts on duty of your arrival so they can assist you into your site.   Check-in is 1:00 pm and no later than 8:00 pm, and we do not allow arrivals after 8:00 pm under any circumstances.  Guests are not allowed to back into RV sites without the presence and assistance of a Playa del Rio resort host; and attempting to back yourself into an RV without Team Rio assistance is grounds for being required to leave the park without a refund.  Check-out is no later than 11:00 am.  Late check-out may be available for an additional $25 fee, but you must check with the office for late check-out availability, and many times complimentary late check-out may be available (late check out allows guests to enjoy Paradise as late as 6:00 pm).  Each site is allowed one vehicle, one RV, and one small towing dolly, if applicable (all reservations that require more than one vehicle or that plan guests with additional cars must be planned prior to arrival at time of booking so that you are placed on the appropriate RV Site for your vehicle and RV needs).   Some sites are designed for no vehicles, some for one vehicle and some for two vehicles; and all reservations are made specific to RV and vehicle needs.   All vehicles not on the original reservation will be required to park off-site.  In the event an additional vehicle is added after the reservation has been confirmed, there will be a $10 nightly fee added to the reservation for either a premium upgrade or for a special parking pass to accommodate the additional vehicle (or approved trailer).  In the event a vehicle is parked in a no parking area, a reserved parking space or at another person’s RV site and requires a towing service to be called, the towing charges will be paid by the renter.  In the event a wrecker is called but the car is not towed for any reasons, charges can be incurred even if the vehicle is not towed due to the trip fee once the towing service has been dispatched.   Additional parking fees may be required during Black-out dates, holidays, special events and during our busy peak seasons for additional vehicles and guest vehicles that are not on the original reservation.  We do not guarantee any vehicle parking for vehicles that are not on the original reservation or for vehicles added to reservations after they have been booked.   In the event 2 vehicles cannot fit on a site due to the size of the RV, vehicles or the site placement based on availability, off-site parking may be required.  Resort hosts will request that you park your RV as close to the rear of your RV parking pad as possible when backing you into your RV site.  Do not drive your RV or park your vehicles on sandy areas, landscaping areas or outside of your assigned RV site.  Do not park vehicles on the driveway at your RV Site unless instructed by our office.   Additional vehicles must be pre-approved by the office at the time reservation is made so that we know all vehicles on the property, and so that we are able to plan for additional vehicles (we do not guaranty any additional parking for your guests or for additional cars not on your reservation at time of booking or if more than a site can accommodate; so it is important to register all guests and vehicles at time of making your reservation to avoid having to park additional vehicles and/or trailers off-site).  Our RV Resort is small and we have limited parking; so following our parking rules is  important.   You must park on your own site, and parking is ONLY allowed on concrete, gravel and paver surfaces.  No parking on “unoccupied” sites, no parking in the turn-around, no parking in reserved parking spots, no parking in no parking spots, no parking on the driveway unless pre-approved, no parking in the grass, and no parking where you block access.   In the event that a guests parks on other RV sites, in any “no parking” areas or anywhere other than advised by Team Rio upon check-in, and a towing service is called to Playa del Rio as a result, the guest will be responsible for the towing service charges whether their vehicles is towed out or not [once a towing company has left their business to head to the RV Park, charges have started to accumulate at the vehicle owner’s expense].   In the event a guest refuses to pay the towing charges, the guest has authorized Playa del Rio to charge the credit card on file that was used for the deposit [that always remains on file until departure] and all such charges shall be considered the financial responsibility of the guest.  In the event the credit card is denied and/or the guest refuses payment of any such charges as billed (or any other charges they are responsible for), the guest may be asked to leave the park for non-payment of its bills without any refund for any payments paid.   Boat trailers and trailers are not allowed in the park unless pre-approved at time of reservation.   In special situations during slow times of the year, trailers other than car dolly units (boat trailers, car hauler trailer, and storage trailers) may be allowed to be parked in the park when pre-approved, so long as they fit on your RV site in your parking area and can be moved with your towed vehicle or by hand (we do not allow any type of trailers to be backed in using RVs), or so long as they are stored on a special site that can be rented for a nominal nightly fee.  All vehicles, approved trailers, and motorcycles that are parked in a no parking area, another RV site or blocking access will be towed at your expense.  All guests are responsible for any and all damage done to the park, park property, and to other guest’s property (and you are responsible for your guests, friends, family and visitors whether they are registered with the office or not).  All sites must be kept clean at all times.  You are responsible for keeping your site clean and free of garbage, debris, doggy poop, cigarette butts, beverage containers, etc., and all long-term tenants are responsible for keeping their sites free of weeds.  In the event your site is not properly taken care of and you depart leaving your site in a condition different from how it was upon arrival, a Fifty Dollar ($50) cleaning fee will be charged, plus an additional twenty-five dollars ($25) per hour will be charged for any additional time past one (1) hour.  Cleaning fees will be charged to your credit card on file (we rarely charge cleaning fees, but we do exercise that option for sites that require extra care following your departure due to disrespect to our resort and disregard to our policies).  All condo owners and long-term tenants on leases are always responsible for weeds and general maintenance on your site as well as keeping their RV clean and properly maintained such not to attract rodents or bugs which can impact other RVs around them.  Tenants that do not take care of their RV and their RV site that cause such unnecessary problems for the resort are subject to lease cancellation and early termination.  No clothing lines allowed (we have an on-site laundry room for your convenience).  Any work done on vehicles from necessity must be pre-approved by management.  No washing of vehicles, boats, RVs or any other equipment is allowed without pre-approval by management (there is a designated washing area on-site).  We charge a small fee for washing RVs and Vehicles in the designated washing area.   No tents, canopies (unless an attached accessory to an RV), or pop-up campers are allowed.  We do not allow charcoal or wood grilling and do not allow open fires at RV Sites.  A fire pit and grills are available at the Riverside Pavilion for your enjoyment.  We welcome Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers, but our FL licenses will not allow tents or pop-up campers since all RVs must be fully self-contained.  Florida law requires secure sewer connections, and our resort uses a sewer ring screw-type connector to be used on all sewage hoses.  Please make sure that sewer and water connections are tight and secure when you hook-up (if not, you cannot hookup to our water or sewer).  Dumping gray water or black water on the ground is not allowed and it is against the law.    Our resort hosts always turn breakers to the off position prior to a guests arrivals; and it is important that you always make sure that our breaker systems in the electrical pedestals are in the OFF position when connecting and disconnecting your RV power to our systems.  You will be responsible for damage caused by plugging and unplugging into pedestals where breakers are on during the process of hooking up or disconnecting.  Always use your black water holding tank while in the resort, opening valve and dumping only as needed (do not leave your black tank open while in the resort) followed by flushing it out with gray water and fresh water.   Use chemicals to help dissolve solids while in the park.  Do not pour grease, wipes or any other objects down the sewer lines, other than normal waste, and do not dump grease or cooking oils on the ground (put all oils, grease and other liquid materials into sealed containers and place them in the dumpster with your other trash and debris).  We ask that after you flush your black water tank that you flush and clean your gray water tanks to help flush sewer lines with clean water at the end of your stay.  Florida law requires back flow preventers on all water hose bibs.  The park is equipped with back flow preventers at all water hook up hose bibs (they are painted red or built into pedestals).  In the event you remove or damage the back flow preventer upon your departure, a Twenty-five dollar ($25) replacement fee will be charged to your credit card on file.   If you need a 30-50 power adaptor, there is no charge, but in the event you remove or damage the plug/adaptor, a Seventy-five dollar ($75) replacement fee will be charged to your credit card on file.   Also, any other components to the utilities hook-up pedestal that is damaged or removed that has to be repaired or replaced that is not normal wear and tear will be charged to your credit card on file.  Any additional unforeseen cleaning, maintenance or repair services the resort is required to deal with at the fault of a guest will be billed to that guest at $25 / hour / staff member that is required to work on behalf of a guest problem, with there being a $50 minimum cleaning fee.  It is the responsibility of all long-term renters (on 6 and 12 month leases) to maintain their sites and pull weeds on and around their RV Site.  The dumpster located on site is for normal household trash and waste, and is never to be used for disposing of old furniture, household items, tools, clothes, equipment, appliances, fixtures, etc.  All boxes put in the dumpster from deliveries must be cut and/or folded down to a size of no larger than 18″ x 18″ such to allow the boxes to be placed inside the back area of the dumpster without causing issues or problems for other people.  In the event extra charges are charged due to an owner, renter or guest filling the dumpster, that person will be paid all extra charges imposed by Waste Management and the Playa del Rio HOA.

Child Supervision

All children must be under adult supervision at all times.  Do not let children run through other camper’s sites.  Bikes, scooters, and roller blades are not allowed on the walkway by the office or around the Riverside Patio & Guest Lounge (the Rio Room area).  Unaccompanied children are not permitted at the Riverside Pavilion, on the docks, or on the beach boardwalk / beach dune walkover.  For the safety of your family, all children should always be monitored and supervised closely while at any water front area of the resort and on the beach boardwalk, and when they are riding bikes, scooters or skateboards on the driveway and around the turn-around, and when in the dog park areas.   Your family’s safety is our number one concern!  All children under the age of 12 must always have an adult when them at all times.


We love pets at the Playa Del Rio and we are very pet-friendly.  However, it is important that your pets are well-behaved and that you follow all pet rules of the resort.  Playa del Rio has a dog friendly area in the resort.  Oscar Dog Park is on the West Side of the driveway near the entrance in front of the bathhouse.   The resort dog park is not a fenced dog park and not a park where your pets can be off of their leash or allowed to run freely.   DO NOT use the Waterfront Pavilion (Riverside Patio and lawn area by the office and the Rio Room), your RV Site, other RV sites or any landscape areas on the property as a bathroom for your pet… always take your pets to the on-site dog park to go to the bathroom.   If, upon departure, you have allowed your pet to use your RV site as their bathroom, or you have left other trash, cigarette butts, RV fluids, etc., and our staff is required to clean up your mess, you will be charged a clean-up fee of a minimum of $50 plus $25/hour as applicable (charged to your credit card on file used to pay your deposit).  NO PETS are allowed on the grass, flower bed areas, or on the sandy areas past the circle turn around (the sandy areas, lawn and landscaped areas at the Riverside Pavilion or the Hammock Island) when going to the boat docks.  Dogs must be held by their owners or walked on the wood walkways when going to the boat docks, and guest taking dogs to their boat are required to walk them directly from their boat to the RV without any stops along the way.   The Riverside lawn, beach and patio areas at the Rio Riverside decks are “people parks” not a “dog park” and is reserved for family enjoyment [no pets are allowed past the circle turnaround at the Rio Riverside Pavilion, no exception!].  You must always immediately clean up after your pets in all areas of the resort.  Do not leave pets unattended outside your RV at your site for the safety of your pets and others.  Pets are not allowed to roam and must remain on a leash (no more than 6’ long) and in your control at all times when on resort property (including when walking along the road side at the entrance and when walking along the beach side at the beach boardwalk).  Our insurance precludes aggressive breeds (e.g.:  Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and other Wolf Breeds).  All pets must have all appropriate vaccinations, shots, etc. current and must be using proper flea medications to be on resort property.  Cats are not allowed on resort property, unless they are inside cats that are kept inside of your RV at all times during your stay.  In the event a cat is walking the property off-leash and unattended against our pet policies, for the protection and safety of all other guests and pets, the owner of that pet will be required to provide updated vet records to the office immediately upon request evidencing that the cat has been neutered or spayed, and has had all its shots, vaccinations, etc., and further maintain all reporting to the office at all times as requested at the discretion of the rental management office.  Escambia County ordinance requires all dogs to be on a leash at all times when in public commercial areas.   Pets are not allowed inside of any buildings (bath house, laundry room, office, the Rio Room Kitchen, or the Rio Riverside Patio) and pets are not allowed at the Rio Riverside Pavilion (past the turnaround circle).  Our pet rules are for the benefit of all guests so that all campers and guests can enjoy their vacation.  If your pet gets aggressive with another guest or pet, you will be fully responsible.  Those who cannot follow the pet rules may be asked to leave, and there will be no refunds to anyone that is requested to leave the Playa del Rio for not following our pet rules or any other resort rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines.  Note that there are several local area dog parks on the water and that are fenced and allow dogs to be off leash.  Refer to the local Tourism and Chamber of Commerce offices for more information.   PETS ARE NOT ALLOW ON THE RIVERSIDE PAVILION PAST THE CIRCLE TURNAROUND AND ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY BUILDINGS (LAUNDRY ROOM, OFFICE, ETC.).

Please note that if you have a service dog or an emotional support animal that will accompany you at the Playa del Rio, you will need to: a) notify our office by noting that you will be traveling with a service dog on the on-line reservation request form in the Special Requests section of the form, b) notify our office at the time of your reservation confirmation when you book your RV site over the phone, and c) again notify our office on the date of your arrival when you provide our reservations office with information on your service animal for your guest profile.  Since we have special areas designated for dogs, while there are also areas restricted where dogs are not allowed, we need to be made aware of your situation and our staff needs to be made aware of any special needs you may have.    All guests are required to provide information regarding service animals to the Reservations Office at time of reservation and at time of check-in, so that we have a record on file during your stay that a service animal is required because of a disability and so that we know what task the animal has been trained to perform.   Our resort is ADA-compliant, and Playa del Rio always strives to accommodate any and all special requests and needs of all of our guests.   All service dogs are required to either be held by their owner or remain by their owner’s side within three feet (3′) of the owner at all times when in areas where dogs are not normally allowed, unless your dog is at your RV site or being walked, in which case six feet (6′) leashes are allowed.   All registered guests at Playa del Rio will be required to follow all resort pet policies, no exceptions.  See policies on this website for more information; and discuss with our office upon check-in if you have any questions. Dogs are not allowed at the Riverside Pavilion under any circumstances (this property is privately owned by a third party that does not allow dogs on their property).

Codes for Gates, Laundry & WIFI Access

Access to certain amenity areas requires codes.  For codes to the laundry room, WIFI, beach access and other secured areas, ask one of our Resort Camp Hosts or contact the office for current updated codes (the information changes, so always pick up the latest guest information package at the time of your check-in).  The laundry room is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, for your convenience.   Our State of Florida permitting does not require the resort to offer a bathhouse as all RVs are required to be fully self-contained.

Hurricane Information and Evacuation Plan

With the PDR being located on an island and on the AL-FL Gulf Coast, tropical weather and hurricanes are just part of our daily lives during certain times of the year.  Hurricane season starts at the beginning of the summer and goes through October and being prepared is important.  Team Rio and our office monitors the weather through local and national weather channels and with smart phone apps, but it is the responsibility of Playa del Rio owners, renters and guests to make their own judgement calls for travel plans and evacuations.  Anytime a CAT 2 or higher is expected to come into our area, we encourage people to consider vacating the premises and/or changing their travel plans.  Anytime there is a CAT3 expected and/or when there is a mandatory evacuation, we require all owners and renters to leave the resort until the storm has passed.  The bridges onto the island will close once wind reaches certain numbers.  If anyone leaves an RV on resort property when a CAT3 or higher is expected, you will be responsible for all direct damage caused by your RV to resort property since it is important to vacate the premises when it is time.  Additionally, boats must be removed from the PDR Marina anytime there is a threat of tropical storms and/or a hurricane (no matter what category it may be rated).   Our office and Team Rio are happy to assist you, but during a threat of hurricanes, our time is valuable and our staff is limited, so please be responsible and do all you can to take care of you and your family and help us out as much as possible.  The local Escambia County and Baldwin County Commissioners offices and the local Perdido Key, FL & Orange Beach, AL Chamber of Commerce & Tourism offices are your best sources for evacuations plans, evacuations maps and important information to assist you with your decisions and plans.  When there are threats of bad weather, expect the worst, hope for the best, be smart and stay safe!

General Guidelines, Rules & Early Termination / Eviction

The legal renter named on the reservation must be at least 21 years old and must occupy property during dates listed and shall be fully responsible for the same.  Our goal is to have a safe and peaceful resort that everyone can enjoy.  Please avoid profanity and disorderly conduct.  Please do not litter, including cigarette butts (you will be charged a cleaning fee for throwing cigarette butts on the ground and for not keeping your site clean).  The trash dumpster is located in front of the bath house near the entrance (access is to the right of the gate and the dumpster has a sliding door directly on the side of the dumpster).  Please do not place your trash in the trash receptacles around the Riverside Pavillion, the marina or the office; and in the event the dumpster gets full, please do not pile your trash on the ground in front of the dumpster or anywhere else on the property, but instead please notify the office.  Household trash is only allowed in the dumpster.  Do NOT place furniture, fixtures, boxes or other debris in the dumpster (you will be charged a dumpster pick up fee of $150 for this).  Quiet hours in the park are from 10:00 pm (11:00 pm on the Riverside Pavillion and 12:00 during special events and concerts) to 8:00 am.   No smoking is allowed in the office, rest rooms, laundry room, at the marina, on any common area patios or decks or at the Riverside Pavillion (except in special posted smoking areas).  Please be courteous to others when smoking around the Riverfront Pavilion.  NO open fires or charcoal grills are allowed at any sites.  Small gas fire pits may be used at your site but must be pre-approved by management prior to any use.   Gas, propane and electric grills are allowed on your site, but you are responsible for properly cleaning and disposing of grease and debris from your grills (do not dispose of grease, oils and grill debris on the landscaping areas of your RV site, and always clean up drippings from under and around your grill).   Charcoal and Gas Grills are available at the grilling area for your use and enjoyment at the Riverside Patio; and guests are welcome to bring their own grills, smokers, cookers and other cooking equipment down to the Rio Room.  No charcoal, wood or open fires of any kind are allowed at your RV site.  No Fireworks allowed.  No diving or jumping from the docks.  Swim at your own risk – No lifeguard on duty at Riverside or Gulf Side waters.  No tents or canopies are allowed unless they are attached vehicle accessories to your RV, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer.  All rental rates (for RV sites, Boat slips and other Watercraft slips) and other fees (such as late check-in, early check-in and late check-out fees) are quoted as base rental rates and charges, and will be charged an additional 7.5% or 12.5% tax for all applicable county and state required tax collections.   RV Site rental tax is 12.5%, Boat Slip rental tax is 7.5%, and tax on all other rentals, merchandise, and ice purchases is 7.5%.

The Owners, Management and Staff of Playa Del Rio are not liable for any loss of personal possessions, injuries to any occupants or their guests, regardless of age, or for any damage to any vehicles or personal equipment.  Playa del Rio is an RV Resort and we wish to maintain our quaint, safe paradise at the Playa del Rio for all guests to enjoy; so please assist us by following all rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures so that all occupants and guests can enjoy their stay.  Violators of resort rules, guidelines, policies and procedures will be given one chance to rectify any problems (people who disrespect our resort, our staff, our guests, our owner or our rules will be asked to leave and not allowed to return), unless such violation involves any physical altercations or “threats” which will require intervention of local law enforcement.  In the event problems are not resolved or such violation is considered to be aggressive or involved a physical altercation, you may be asked to leave the resort – with no refunds.   IMPORTANT NOTICE:  ANY AND ALL guests of Playa del Rio agree prior to entering the resort property that if and when they are asked by the owners and/or the management to leave the property, ANY AND ALL guests agree to voluntarily leave without dispute and agree by the signing of the agreements herein to our Terms, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Rules, to leave the property immediately when asked by our owners and/or management.  Owners and Management of Playa del Rio reserve the right to evict anyone from the premises for detrimental conduct or violation of any of the Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, or Rules – at the discretion of management.   Management has the right to refuse any reservation for any reason.  For everyone’s safety, the speed limit in the park is 5 MPH.  The Park is under 24-HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE.  All renters, occupants and guests consent to Playa del Rio using all video surveillance as needed for business, commercial, or any other use at its discretion.  However, no guests of the Playa del Rio are allowed to use any type of audio and/or video surveillance (ie:  recorders, cameras, smart phones, video equipment, etc.) on the resort property due to privacy and protection of all other guests, staff, owners, managements, etc.  Use of video, audio and/or surveillance on resort property is a violation of our rules, guidelines, policies and procedures, and grounds for an immediate termination and eviction.   Please always remember to respect our resort, our staff and management, and our guests, and always remember that Playa del Rio is PRIVATE PROPERTY, not public property, and it is a privilege to be on resort property, not a right or an entitlement.   Anyone asked to leave the property who refuses will be considered trespassing.   Resort Hosts are on-call and are available 24-hours a day for emergency situations.  All non-emergencies will be logged and handled the following day during normal office hours.  For security and medical emergencies that require law enforcement, medical attention, ambulance services, or fire trucks, always call 911.

WIFI Internet Service & Cable Service

Playa del Rio offers complimentary Cable and complimentary internet services provided by Cox (WIFI is available at the Rio Room and throughout the Resort; and cable is available at the Rio Room and at all RV sites throughout the Resort).  Playa del Rio does not take any responsibility for service interruption or any damage, viruses, or electrical issues that may occur while staying or visiting in our RV park that may be caused by Cox cable or other third party / utility service providers.  We do our best to provide and make sure that cable and wireless internet services are available for use, though technical difficulties (or unforeseen circumstances) could occur that would prevent us from providing the service at all times.  The rental rate of your site does not include Cable or WIFI or any internet services at a cost to you.  These services are strictly complimentary services provided as a courtesy that is not part of your rental payment and that is not guaranteed with the rental of your site due to all the variables that are out of the resort’s control such as:  misuse by guests, abuse of policies, streaming, gaming, large file downloads, weather-related service interruptions, and other service provider problems.

NO gaming, streaming media (e.g.:  video, movies, internet radio, etc.) or large file downloads is allowed.   So that all guests have good, quality internet service, please do not switch smart phone equipment from your mobile carrier’s service to the resort’s WiFi system while in the park.  This will allow all guests fast quality internet access and usage throughout their stay.  Our WIFI system automatically resets every six (6) hours from your access log-in to keep computers from taking up bandwidth while computers are not being used by guests.   Please log off your computer when you are away from your RV.  Any guests that do not comply to these basic usage rules may be locked out of the WiFi system during their stay without notice.


No Consequential Damages


Confirmation & Acknowledgement of Agreement

All guests, renters, occupants and condominium owners must agree to all the terms and conditions and all above Policies & Procedures and Rules & Guidelines, as well as follow all posted signs and other notices at the resort.  Long-term lease renters and owners must also follow all terms and conditions of the Condominium Declaration for the Playa del Rio.   Your payment of the pre-payment, non-refundable deposit required for booking your reservation is your reservation confirmation, and it is also your acknowledgment and acceptance that you have read all Policies & Procedures and Rules & Guidelines, that you fully understand and agree to abide by all, that you will maintain the property in as good a condition as you find it, that you fully understand the cancellation and no-refund policies, that you agree to all financial responsibility for any and all rent, losses and damages, that you will voluntarily leave if and when requested by management as caused by your breach of any terms, conditions, policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, or other, and that you have provided us with your digital signature for acceptance of the same (which shall act as the same as you hand signing such acceptance, as well as any and all credit card charges placed over the telephone).  Once a customer has completed an on-line reservation request and stayed at the Playa del Rio and/or once our policies have been confirmed and acknowledged on-line with submission of an on-line reservation request form, or at check-in at any time, from that point forward and perpetual, all guests, renters and occupants have accepted all resort policies, procedures, rules and guidelines for all current and future reservations.

Remember….  The only rules that matter at the Playa del Rio are to relax, have fun and enjoy Paradise!   Thank you for choosing Playa del Rio RV Resort, Beach & Boat Club!  We appreciate your business & we look forward to seeing you back again soon!  Until then…..  Safe Travels!

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